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It's Your Choice - Book Cover

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It’s Your CHOICE - A Happy and God-Honoring Marriage


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Chapter 1 (includes Appendix A): God’s Instruction to Husbands and Wives
Chapter 2: Spiritual Understanding
Chapter 3: Christ in the Center of the Home
Chapter 4: Vital Prayer
Chapter 5: Be a GIVER . . . Not a GETTER
Chapter 6: A List of Absolutes for Mutual Commitment
Chapter 7: Always Honor Your Spouse
   (A) Honoring Your Spouse (The Do’s)
   (B) Honoring Your Spouse (The Don’ts)
Chapter 8: Marriage is Permanent for Life
Chapter 9: As Head of the Family the Husband is Responsible for the Quality of the Marriage
Chapter 10: Total Equality in Theory and Practice
Chapter 11: Loyalty
   (1) Physical/sexual fidelity to your spouse
   (2) Romantic affections solely for your spouse
   (3) Emotional dependence only upon your spouse
   (4) Keep your confidences and private matter absolutely confidential and private
   (5) Always and immediately defend the person, character and honor of your spouse
   (6) Always honor your spouse and refuse to put down or demean your spouse
   (7) Always be united with your spouse in all communications with your children and in disciplining your children
   (8) Keep your spouse rather than a third party as your confidante
   (9) Assist, encourage and promote your spouse to reach his or her full potential
Chapter 12: Trust
Chapter 13: Husband be a Man. Wife be a Woman
Chapter 14: Affirmation
Chapter 15: Acceptance
Chapter 16: A Partnership
Chapter 17: The Very Best of Friends
Chapter 18: Forgive and Forget
Chapter 19: Little Things count
Chapter 20: Give a Cheerful Countenance (aka smile)
Chapter 21: Depend on God and Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously
Chapter 22: The Honeymoon Is Never Over
Chapter 23: Invest in Times Together Over Material Things
Chapter 24: Agree Together Not to Strive for Goals that are Merely Worldly or Materialistic
Chapter 25: Communication
Chapter 26: Sex & Intimacy
Chapter 27: A Hodgepodge
Chapter 28: Conclusion
Appendix A: Bible Verses About Marriage
Appendix B: A Guarantee of Heaven
Appendix C: Accountability Questions for Men
Appendix D: Accountability Questions for Women
Appendix E: A Few Principles for Christian Living
Appendix F: My Prayer Notebook Outline
Appendix G: Praise - Attributes and Names of God
Appendix H: Axiomatic Truths
Appendix I: Ways to Pray for Salvation
Appendix J: A Rule of Life

Remember: Authenticate your commitment to your God and to your spouse by obeying from your heart God's directives and requirements for you and your marriage.

- Rafe